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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Integrated Software

Each module may be integrated with the others, so that data entered in one module will be passed automatically or by simple operators request through into any other module where the data is of some relevance. For example, if there is an input into the invoicing module authorizing the dispatch of an invoice to a customer, there might be automatic links:
  • To the sales ledger, to update the file by posting the invoice to the customer’s account.
  • To the stock module, to update the stock file by:
    1. Introducing the quantity and value of stock in hand
    2. Recording the stock movement
  • To the nominal ledger, to update the file by posting the sale to the sales account.
  • To the job costing module, to record the sales value of the job on the job cost file.
  • To the report generator, to update the sales analysis and sales total which are on file and awaiting inclusion in management reports


  • It becomes to make just one entry in one of the ledgers which automatically updates the others.
  • Users can specify reports, and the software will automatically extract the required data from all the relevant files.
  • Both of the above simplify workload of the user, and the irritating need to constantly load unload disks is eliminated.


  • Usually, it requires more computer memory than separate (stand-alone) systems which means there is less space in which to store actual data.
  • Because one program is expected to do everything, the user may find that an integrated package has fewer facilities than a set of specialized modules. In effect, and integrated package could be “jack of all trades but master of none”.


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